Unlocking more value for Ethereum validators and users

Focus Area

With its advanced algorithms and unique features, MEV+ offers unmatched revenue potential and profitability for miners. Join the mining revolution and see your profits soar with MEV+.

MEV+ give you access to the PoN Connect marketplace

A new type marketplace of marketplace is available for MEV+ users which allows for more opportunities to earn. Developers can write apps directly for the MEV supply chain exposing a new type of revenue.

Enhanced profitability for miners


Maximize your mining profits with our expert tools and resources.

Increased security for ETH transactions


Protect your Ethereum transactions with our advanced security features.

Greater transaction throughput


Experience faster and more efficient transactions with our high throughput solutions.

Increased transparency for users


Get full transparency into your transactions and account activity with our user-friendly platform.

Network Resilience


MEV+ incorporates innovative protocols that can better withstand network congestion and DDoS attacks than Flashbot's existing protocols.

Improved User Experience


MEV+ is designed with user experience in mind, providing a seamless and intuitive platform for DeFi participants

Say Goodbye to Bridges

Our First mainstream Application

Status Quo

This is the current status quo. Validators activate mev-boost to get additional revenue through 1 and only 1 application: block building. Letting others pay you more than you pay yourself for making blocks

New DeFi Primitives

Create new protocols on Multichain Intent

Capital Efficiency

No liquidity fee.

The Benefits of MEV+

Experience the true potential of blockchain mining with MEV+ - the technology that delivers increased profits and transaction throughput compared to other similar technologies. With MEV+, you'll see firsthand the benefits of next-generation mining technology.

100% Real Auction

MEV+ guarantees genuine, time-bound auctions for block building, ensuring a fair and transparent bidding process, including open bidding and bounty bid auctions.

With MEV Boost “auctions” lack these safeguards, making them less reliable and authentic

Builder Friendly

With MEV+, you get an extensible platform that encourages user-generated plugins, making customization and innovation much easier. We provide a template page to get you started.

In contrast, MEV Boost lacks this level of flexibility and user engagement, limiting your options for customization.

DVT and Protocol Agnostic

Our advanced MEV+ ensures full compatibility with all protocols and DVT operators, giving you peace of mind.

MEV Boost lacks this comprehensive support, leaving gaps in protocol and operator coverage.

Do More with MEV+

MEV+ allows custom MEV experience at protocol level

Don’t miss out on rewards.

Start today.

The Ethereum Network is an inclusive place. That's why we believe everyone should be able to join as a Proposer, Builder, or Reporter for free. All solo stakers, node operators, and LSD node operators are welcome.

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